Purchase team

The team of purchase department comprises various discipline engineers and commercial supportive staff with vast industrial experience. Today, purchasing is often referred to as “supply chain management” and the purchasing department has taken on a larger and more vital business role

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Purchase department's prime objective is to co-ordinate the planning, source, purchase, transport & control of materials & other operational related resources in optimum manner

Purchase department operates centrally at the Head Office in Doha, Qatar supporting various business operations of Building, Infrastructure, MEP,Instrumentation EPIC projects and also catering to internal material requirements of Plant comprising of Heavy construction Equipments & Vehicles & Asphalt plant, IT, Administration, Central Stores etc.

Our Ideals are

  • Dedicated to the expected level of service
  • Following sound business practice & ethics
  • Commitment to the methods of working which is non-bureaucratic
  • Maintaining a conducive working environment

  • To keep cordial interdepartmental relations & avoid criticism
  • To keep others informed about the update of activities
  • Respecting suppliers as our business partners for mutual benefit & progress.

purchasing strategy

Selection & Evaluation of Vendors and Subcontractors

In selecting vendors, Galfar AI Misnad considers a variety of factors including the product quality , reliability, price, delivery reliability, after-sale service, compatibility with existing facilities, technological capability, financial stability, safety and commitment. Final decision is made fairly and impartially based on over all cost effectiveness.

Presently in our vendor data base there are about 2869  (as on 31.12.2015) vendors registered for supplies and services by various natures. Our Registered Vendor’s performance is periodically reviewed and these vendors are moved to Approved Vendors List as per criteria set by our Quality system norms.

Our customers preferred vendor is also one of the qualifying criteria for vendor registration / approval. Our database is continuously and thoroughly monitored by our quality and operations to ensure continuous improvement and to provide full satisfaction to our ultimate customers.

Environmental Consciousness

In an effort to contribute the building of the environment-friendly and sustainable society, we along with our vendors promote usage of environment friendly materials.

Mutual Trust

Galfar AI Misnad strives to build a solid relationship of trust with its vendors in and out of Qatar through close communication and fair and equitable purchasing so that both parties will benefit for further growth. Galfar AI Misnad's sound business cannot be sustainable without our vendors who deliver stable and reliable services & supplies of good quality, safe products on time and at a fair price.