Galfar al Misnad HSE division organized various interactive session online and onsite revolving around safety and health at work during a time where the phenomenon of changing climate is taking centerstage at many of the global political and economic forums.

The event started with opening remarks by John Henry, the corporate HSE manager, who emphasised the urgent need to address climate change issues as they affect occupational health and safety in the construction industry. The Keynote speaker for the online session Mr. Roque Peter Dcunha a Global HSE leader stressed on the data that impacts climate change on workers' safety and health. Mr. Roque covered various interlinked subjects focusing on climate change causes and imparted some takeaway points including increased Ambient Temperature, Air Pollution, extreme Weather and Hazards caused by Industrial Transitions.

Mr. Jayamohan Galfar’s General Manager stressed the impact of Ozone depletion, which leads to increased ultraviolet radiation. The General Manager illuminated the audience that Galfarians should be extremely happy and proud that the organization could work on the CO2 capture project that reduces carbon footprints.

The session concluded by a vote of thanks from Head- QHSE- Mr. Navneetha Shetty. Mr. Shetty reminded the participants climate change phenomenon is completely a collaborative effort that needs to be addressed by every human so that the future generations live healthier and can breathe in a fine fettle on our lovely planet, the only home “The green earth”.

Onsite sessions focused on preventive measures and occupational risks related to climate change. The HSE team and the project team briefed our beloved workforce about adapting current global standards, modifying and improving risk controls and acclimatisation procedures. Climate change Risk management, risk communication, development of early warning systems and surveillance were also deliberated. Emphasis on prevention through design was highlighted to all the participants. The commemoration concluded with a pledge to keep the workforce and the planet healthy and safe from the effects of climate change.